The Importance of Preventative Care for Pets

The Bogue Animal Hospital veterinary team emphasizes the importance of preventative care for all of our patients. Keeping your pet protected from pests and diseases is essential if your pet is to live a long, healthy life. We can help you determine an appropriate preventative care regimen based on your pet’s lifestyle, health status, and particular needs. We recommend that all pets be protected year round from pests such as fleas, ticks, and heartworm. We also administer vaccinations based on these criteria to protect them from disease.



Preventative Health Care

Our pets age significantly faster than we do, so regular physical exams are even more important for them than they are for us. An annual check-up for a pet is equivalent to a checkup every three or four years for a human.  When we examine your pet regularly, we are able to identify potential health conditions early so that they can be treated in a timely manner. Regular examinations can also allow us the opportunity to establish your pet’s baseline health, which will make it easier for us to catch any deviations from the norm in future checkups. During your pet’s preventive checkup, we will examine them from nose to tail and everything in between including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood test (generally in older pets)
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Fecal test
  • Heartrate
  • Neurological system
  • Nose
  • Oral cavity
  • Organ function
  • Skeletal system and joints
  • Urinalysis (generally in older pets)
  • …and so much more

If you have questions about your pet’s health care needs, we invite you to visit our pet wellness page or contact our team for assistance.

Star Pet for June 2012: LUCY

Four years ago, Lucy came into the lives of her owners and immediately took charge of their home and their lives. Lucy’s parent’s children had long been gone and were very surprised how soon one small dog took over and still remains the queen of the house to this day. Her owners are still trying to decide what possessed them to bring this furry creature into their lives and four years later, are still trying to figure it out. Lucy is an absolute joy, when she is sleeping and when she looks at you with her big brown eyes, you have to love her!
Lucy doesn’t care much for our Kansas storms and winds and tolerates riding in the car. What she does love though, is going for walks. Quite possessive, she doesn’t play well with others and only tolerates other dogs when she has visitors. She likes watching TV and seems to have her favorite commercials and shows. Her favorite toys are rabbits and squirrels. Her greatest wish is to one day catch the squirrel that continually visits her yard and trees.