The Importance of Dental Cleaning for Pets


Pets obviously can’t brush their own teeth, so it’s up to owners and veterinarians to clean their teeth for them. Just as with a human’s teeth, tartar can accumulate on a pet’s teeth over time, which can eventually progress into dental disease if left untreated. There are four stages of gum disease in pets, with the fourth being the most severe. At this stage, there is a risk for liver, heart, and kidney disease as a result of the bacteria associated with gum disease. More than 60% of all dogs and cats show signs of dental disease by 3 years of age, but with professional veterinary care and at-home care, this disease is completely preventable.

The team at Bogue Animal Hospital in Wichita wants to help prevent pet gum disease and the other health risks associated it. That’s why we recommend that you bring your dog or cat in for a wellness exam at least once a year. During these exams, we can determine if a dental cleaning or any other dental treatment is necessary. Our comprehensive services are intended to not only stop dental disease in its tracks, but to treat it as well.

Before Your Pet’s Dental Cleaning

For the safety of our patients, we perform all dental procedures at Bogue Animal Hospital under general anesthesia, which is preceded by a thorough dental exam and pre-anesthetic blood work. These tests allow us to ensure that your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia and the dental procedure. If the results don’t indicate any underlying disorders, we can schedule a separate appointment for the cleaning. We recommend pets not have any food or water after midnight on the night before your scheduled dental appointment.

During Your Pet’s Dental Cleaning

We begin each pet dental cleaning by administering the anesthesia while monitoring their vital functions. We rely on digital dental X-ray technology to view below the gum line and make note of any abnormalities. To remove the tartar and plaque buildup—above and below the gum line—we use hand and ultrasonic scalers. Then, we polish the teeth to remove any residual tartar.

At-Home Pet Dental Care

Having your pet’s professionally teeth cleaned and examined is only part of keeping your dog’s or cat’s mouth healthy. It’s also important to maintain your pet’s oral health from home between visits to Bogue Animal Hospital. Our team can give you brushing tips and recommendations on the best at-home pet dental products to help prevent tartar buildup. By establishing a home dental regimen with a pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste, you can help lower or even eliminate the risk for gum disease.

If it’s been a while since your pet’s had a wellness exam, or you think it’s time for a pet dental cleaning, schedule an appointment at Bogue Animal Hospital today by calling 316-722-1085.