Ear Infections

Summertime is the season for frolicking in the yard, swimming, lying out on the deck…and that means getting ear infections could be included on that list! When your dog spends time outside, they can easily develop ear infections, either from pollen allergies, or from damp ears after swimming. It’s important to check your dog’s ears on a regular basis, especially in the summer, so that you can catch these problems and get veterinary care as quickly as possible. 

PetStar of the Month – August 2012

Cassie, Gidget and Mazy

Cocker Spaniel mix, German Shorthair mix, and Boxer – 8y, 8y, and 7y

These girls are all rescue dogs from their owner’s sister’s no kill pet rescue in Beaumont, Texas: PAWS Pineywoods Animal Welfare Society. The Boxer, Mazy came to them from a puppy mill in Vidor, Texas. The girls are eight years old this year and are very good girls. They play well with other dogs and put up with four cats that their owner;s sister also let her rescue.

They really like to take walks in the neighborhood and park, however, they are all waiting for cooler days for those. Cassie also enjoys a dip in the pool. And there’s nothing better than trips in the RV and rides in the car. Cassie and Mazy have gotten a lot of those car rides this year to the Emergency Clinic and weekly visits to see Doctor Bogue. Cassie also has a special day every six weeks to see Jeannine for grooming that makes for a much happier dog in this weather. Not to leave Gidget out she comes in the clinic for much needed nail trimming.

The girls enjoy putting on their party hats and watching their e-cards from the clinic on their birthdays.

Senior Pet Wellness Program

You may have a senior pet at home and hopefully, have shared many years of joy and companionship. He/she may still act and play like a puppy but once your pet reaches 7-8 years of age for small/toy breeds and 5-6 years for large breeds, his/her body will start to undergo aging changes. Special care at this stage will help to ensure many more years together. Good health in the older pet is based on many factors including dietary management, preventative healthcare and dentistry, and early detection of potential problems. Our clinic has developed a senior wellness care package to ensure that your pet received optimal care during these later stages in life with a very cost effective approach.
  • Early detection of developing conditions.
  • Preventive maintenance to decrease chances of problems developing.
  • Diet and exercise management recommendations.
  • Problem management of existing conditions.
  • Comprehensive medical history on an annual basis
  • Complete physical and dental examinations on a 6 month basis
  • Internal parasite testing annually
  • Heartworm and/or Leukemia/AIDS testing on a bi-annual basis
  • Urinalysis (routinely) on an annual basis
  • Blood counts and appropriate blood chemistry testing (routinely) on an annual basis
  • Blood Pressure check on an annual basis
  • Glaucoma screening on an annual basis
  • Radiographs/Osteoarthritis (OA) screen once, then periodic check-ups based on pet’s need if problems are seen
  • Electrocardiogram if problems are detected on physical examination
Please contact us today for further information or to schedule an appointment for your pet!