Household Safety for Pets in the Summer

Summer is the season for adventure and fun, for both people and pets. Your pets want to explore and find new things to get themselves into this season, and that means more potential for danger. Be sure to keep all dangerous chemicals—including pool chemicals, fuel for yard equipment, fertilizers and pesticides, and cleaning products—sealed tightly and inside of cabinets or high up on shelves where your pets cannot reach them. Have a fun and SAFE summer with your pet. 

Bogue Animal Hospital Pet Portals!

In keeping with our commitment to provide excellent patient care, we are excited to introduce a new and user friendly online service, ePetHealth. This technology offers you 24/7 online access to your pet’s medical information. This service allows you to view or print the necessary information needed in an emergency, when traveling, boarding or taking classes.

My Clinic – Contact the clinic via ePetHealth, even after hours, for appointment request, medication refill request, boarding reservation or to ask a general question. We will be notified immediately of your request. Imagine how much time this can save you!

Alerts – Allows you to better manage your pet’s important medication doses by setting up email alerts. These alerts will signal it is time for your pet’s next dose and how many are remaining.

Reminders – An email reminder will be sent to you 30 days prior to any upcoming vaccines and/or examinations due dates. Your pet’s health and care is important to us, which is why we want your pet to stay current with examinations and preventative care. This service also sends you reminders when you have an appointment scheduled with our practice.

Educational Materials – Your ePetHealth portal provides you with a library of educational materials including pet health videos, articles, breed information and interactive features.

To begin using the service simply visit, enter your Email address where you received this message, and click the ‘first-time login?’ link located in the Login section. Next, you will be emailed an activation link and guided through the registration process. You will be asked to create a private password and select a secret question and answer you wish to use. Finally, an email will be sent to you confirming that your account is active and you can begin accessing the great features of your portal.