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"All employees from the front door to the back show concern for us and our "children" when we come to the clinic."
Cathy M.


Pet of the Month


Star Pet for January 2018

Mack has only been a part of our family for about four months, but we couldn’t imagine it without him now! He is very energetic yet so loving at that same time. Our kids love when Mack purrs and rubs his head against theirs. We are convinced that Mack thinks he is part dog and human as shown in his photos! He loves to curl up next to our dog, Milo, and can often be found sitting up like a human. He loves to curl up in sinks and bowls and is in denial he is growing at a rapid pace! We love his fluffy, long tail and his sweet demeanor and are so pleased he was chosen by Bogue for this honor. Mack recently had surgery and the staff at Bogue was so kind and loving to him and we are thankful for such a wonderful place for to him receive his care!
- Jen



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Star Pet for January 2018

Meet Nala! Nala loves her people. She always greets us at the door with a smile and a wiggle. Our favorite thing she does is her “happy food dance” each day before she eats, morning and night she dances and jumps around. It’s one of the favorite parts of our day. She is playful and sweet! Even at 6 years old she is a puppy to her core.

Star Pet for December 2017

Meet Bishop Sinfellow! He's a 10-year old Pit Mix. He likes to chase rabbits (although he's never caught one). Bishop is a champ at cuddling, and always gives the warmest welcomes! He likes to trot after he goes pee, like he's super excited and proud of himself! He likes children more than us, which is a great thing, because he's about to be a dad!!! Archie & Brutus will be joining our clan soon! :) We are so honored and we all just love Bogue Animal Hospital!
- Drew & Nicole (& Bishop)

Star Pet for November 2017

This is Murphy. She is two years old and she has been with us since she was a puppy. She loves playing outside, going on walks, and getting scratches from her family. When she is outside she loves to play with her volleyball and rolling in the leaves.
- Kalan

Star Pet for October 2017

Meet Penny! She is a two year old Shih Tzu with a huge personality! She has been with her owner since she was a tiny pup and they have been inseparable ever since. Penny loves to travel. She has been to Niagara Falls, the beach, and she even made the 15+ hour road trip from Pennsylvanian to Kansas when her owner received a job with K-State. Aside from traveling, Penny loves playing with her toys, going to the park, playing with her friends (humans, dogs, and cats), hanging out on her porch, and of course….eating! Penny is the happiest little dog and she loves to give everyone she meets kisses!

Star Pet for September 2017

Hello, my name is Alice Paisley and I’m 3 years old. I might look like a kitty but I swear I’m a dog, just like my sisters. I found my forever home after I went through some scary situations with previous owners. I love my family so much because they give me lots of treats and lovings. My favorite things to do are sitting in boxes and playing with my puppy sisters. I always love to be where my family is, I don’t ever hide because I’m fearless! I love to go outside even though my family tells me I can’t, I run past them anyway so I can go eat grass (even though I always throw it up afterwards)! I love to be the center of attention so when I found out I was September’s pet of the month I couldn’t do anything but purr with pure happiness!

Star Pet for August 2017

This is my Clara Belle. She came into my life about a year ago. She is a spunky little girl who loves to chase her big brother kitty Jack around the apartment. When I have to go out of town, Clara loves spending time with her friends at Bogue. These times are known as her spa weekends. This little girl has a huge heart. Though she might be considered a rescue puppy, she rescued me and stole my heart. Thank you for letting me share my Clara with you. - Georgia Boone


Star Pet for July 2017

Snickers likes to cuddle, chase after toys and a ball of foil, play hide and seek, and sit by the windows.


She follows me everywhere I go.

We adopted Snickers after becoming empty nesters; but honestly, I'm not sure who rescued who! : )

She's not spoiled... just loved!!

Star Pet for June 2017

Ricky is my best friend. He loves his walks in the park and around the neighborhood. He also loves car rides and visiting my daughter and my son. Ricky has been a great watch dog and lets me know when someone is at the door.


His favorite toys are his ball and his squirrel. He HAS to take his squirrel to bed for his afternoon nap! I couldn’t have a better pet than Ricky!

- Winifred

Star Pet for May 2017

Hannah and Sebastian came to us in January 2010, after our previous Golden Retriever, Kula, died unexpectedly from unknown heart disease. We were trying to decide which one to adopt, but since they were orphaned at 5 months of age and we could tell they were inseparable, we adopted them both!


Hannah loves to chase the laser around the yard at night and Sebastian lives to play with a ball, which gives them both a great workout. As with most canines they love to take rides in the car and stick their heads out the window.


They are both great a cuddling and snuggling, and unless you are coming to our door soliciting, they are very friendly.   ;-) We’re blessed to have Hannah and Sebastian in our lives – we adopted them but they rescued us!

- Robert & Bonnie Vierthaler

Star Pet for April 2017

The Ellis’ kennel is quite the collection.  Skipper (14), Lexi (14), Copper (13), Addi & Zeke both will be (2).  Skipper was our first addition when we decided to stop and “look” at some puppies, and of course he came home with us! He is in charge at our house.

Lexi joined us soon after, and is still hunting today.  Copper we acquired to be Skipper’s day mate.  She has been blind for 3 years and continues to amaze us every day with her fearless and stubborn attitude, “Go Cop!”  And then there is Addi & Zeke…wow, so much energy. 

Addi has chewed everything in our house, from brake lights, to brake lines, to pool equipment to every landscape light, they are all “her toys”.  And Zeke is our latest addition, which came to us from a rescue group.  He has a special personality and currently has a broken toe because he thinks he can keep up with Addi. Good times!

- The Ellis Family

Star Pet for March 2017


Our wonderful 12 year-old cats, Binx and Emmy Rose, came to us from owners who could no longer keep them. Binx belonged to my daughter who was moving
to a condo where pets were not allowed. Knowing we loved animals, she asked us to take her 2 year old cat. We had recently lost our dog, and I wasn't sure if I was ready for another pet. I asked my husband what he thought. Never having a cat, I was sure he would say no. To my surprise, he said, "Sure, we can take her."

Four years later, my best friend died. Before the end, I assured her I would take her beloved cat, too. It was a year before Emmy Rose and Binx could tolerate each other. Loving them both, we just waited it out. We are so glad we did!! Binx is fairly quiet, communicates in the standard meow, has a sweet nature and loves looking out the window on car rides. Emmy Rose, our 12 year old tabby, has the heart of a baby lion.

She purrs and talks in a low growl, expressing her opinions often. She, too, is super sweet and just loves to have us run our fingers through her fur. She hates to go anywhere in the car. Opposites in many ways; similar in many.  We nearly lost Emmy Rose a week ago. We were hysterical. These precious animals are beloved members of our family. We have been through their emergencies and their endless insulin shots. Still, we consider ourselves the lucky ones for having them.

Marsha and Bob Bunting

Star Pet for February 2017


Here’s Susie Q, Recie, and Maggie - also known as the “wild & crazy” Boston Terrors (Terriers)! Our little sister Susie Q happens to be a French Bulldog (also known as a “Frenchie” ). Maggie is 7 years old and very loving and motherly. We bought Recie when Maggie was about 10 months old.

You can’t have just one Boston - you must have two, so they can play and keep each other occupied. They are full of energy even at 7 years old. Maggie loves to kiss every person she comes in contact with, while Recie would rather bark at you, and pretend she is “brave” protecting us. Susie Q is 3 years old and very sweet, but has learned her bad habits mostly from “Recie the protector”. She was very hard to find here in Kansas but we kept searching, and finally found her. She’s very smart but totally “bull headed” and stubborn. All three of them like to run along the fence and bark at everyone. They love playing in their swimming pool in the summer and going for walks with their buddy “Dad”.

They have Dad “wrapped around their little fingers/toes”. He can’t say “NO” to their cute little faces and they know it.

They are always excited to go to Dr. Bogue’s every month for their pedicures (even if done by Dr. Streiff or any of the staff). They just know “We are going to Dr. Bogue’s today…yeah!!!” and “We get a treat...double yeah!!!!!”

Thanks for all the years of taking care of our dogs. We wish all of you a Happy & Safe New Year.

Alan, Kathryn, Kayley, Maggie, Recie and Susie Q

Star Pet for January 2017

Thoughts on Lucy and Linus, the Siameses

What can I say about Lucy and Linus, my two Siamese cats? To me, they are my friends that give unconditional love, greet me when I get home, and keep me busy during the day demanding attention. I know I am not the boss of the house. The day has to start with major league back, neck, and even belly rubs! Demanding attention is one trait they share with other Siamese. However, contrary to what you often hear, Siamese are not aloof, rather they are very loving, but only to one person. Still, when visitors come to the door, the different personalities come out: Lucy ('Miss Adorable"), runs and hides, while Linus ("Mr. Personality") greets the newcomer at the door with all the affection of a beagle.

Linus is definitely the big male cat, a lilac point Siamese (almost totally white, except for grey typical Siamese points). He loves to chase his sister Lucy throughout the house, usually when she doesn't want it! He is somewhat a bully, but a loveable one. Linus particularly loves to play with yellow mailing box strings. Lucy, on the other hand, is a Seal - point mouser; toy mouse that is. She is an expert at ( cat) Olympic range jumps in the air to catch those mice! Linus is more of a bugster, but also stands steadfast at the window intimidating the local birds. I know when bug season comes because Linus begins to be on the prowl. But that just takes care of the "Play" part of the cat's trinity, "eat - sleep - play."

In the evening, you can usually find Lucy on my lap and Linus is snuggled up into the crook of my right arm. It doesn't get any better! Apart from eating, they end their day making up and sleeping together, a beautiful sight.

I often tell people that I was "raised" by Siamese cats. We had a Siamese named "Cheetah" when I was a toddler, who I can't remember, except for a watercolor painting my dad did of him. But starting with Sammee at the age of eight, I've never been without a Siamese in the family. Five years ago, I was looking for a pair of Siamese to follow in the tradition of (never replace) my beloved Boris and Natasha, and found it was very difficult to find Siamese cats, particularly with the traditional"apple head" as opposed to the new breeding "Lady and the Tramp" "Si and Am'· triangular style. I finally found a kindly woman in Philadelphia who raised apple-headed Siamese, through whom I obtained Linus (he was already named Linus!) and Lucy when they were ten weeks old.

- Chris

Star Pet for December 2016

Meet Bill Clinton, our December pet of the month!

Bill is a beautiful two-year-old, salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer with a great coat and stately physique. He is named, obviously, after the former U.S. President. Bill's owner was a political science major in college and remains and avid student of politics and politicians. She has owned four Miniature Schnauzers before Bill's arrival, one of which was named Bob Dole (fun fact: Bob Dole had a Schnauzer named Leader when he was a majority leader in the U.S. Senate).

Bill has a big personality and is extremely active. He loves to play and is always on the go! He doesn't have a favorite toy, and treats all his toys as if they were new and exiting play things! Toys don't last long with Bill, though, he routinely destroys them before putting them down. He even has his own toy basket and knows exactly where to go when he's ready to play. Bill's favorite thing to do is sleep with his owner, ll curled up in bed tightly under the covers. And he won't get up until his owner does! But make no mistake, he knows his kennel and will get inside when he's asked to 'kennel up.'

Although his name is Bill, he is commonly and lovingly known as Mr. President at home!

Star Pet for October 2016

Zoe........she is a blonde lab and we got her 13 years ago. She is the kindest and the most loving dog that I know. She loves just about everybody and loves to give them kisses. In her free time from giving kisses, she loves to spend time with her bestie, Madison. They have been joined at the hip since Madison was born in 2011. Zoe is the kind of dog that does not show any pain or hurt, but if you are home sick, she is there with you and never leaves your side. Zoe loves to go on car rides, especially if her dad is taking her with him to work where she gets spoiled and loved on for about 10 hours. Zoe loves to sleep on her couch, going outside and sleeping and playing with her buddy and couch partner, "Dotti." Her favorite food .... well, Zoe loves everything but probably lettuce or carrots or hotdogs are her favs!

Star Pet for August 2016

Max, a maltipoo, 7 years old, has been with us for 5 years and Dotty, a lab mix, is 8 years old, for 4 1/2 years. Both of these wonderful dogs are rescues from the Kansas Humane Society and we have never regretted our choices! Max, since he was first, assumes he is the boss of the house, and likes to greet each visitor personally. He also reserves our bed as his, but allows us to sleep in it and is a sucker for tummy rubs and snuggles. He loves long walks down our country road and checks our neighbors properties to see if changes have been made.

Dotty, is just a happy-go-lucky girl, who loves being a house dog and assumes visitors are there just so they can play and give tummy rubs to her. She also enjoys our road and spends the majority of her time sniffing out all those interesting smells. Being a big fan for her treats, she is more than happy to display the tricks she has been taught just to get some.

These dogs mean the world to us and really thank Bogues for taking such good care of them, and with having their medical records on file, would never board them anywhere else. Thank you for all you do, Jim and Carol Lamb

Star Pet for July 2016

Hello! My name is Buddy and I am 11 years old! My family adopted me from the Humane Society when I was just a little puppy! I still think I am a puppy sometimes and I try to sit on people's laps even though I'm almost as big as them! I love being boarded or "going to camp Bouge"as my family calls it! My favorite thing to do is to help my dad grill because if I'm lucky I might get a bite of my favorite food, hotdogs! I also like to chew on a dog bone and I get so excited when people come over! Unless the person is a stranger in my yard. I do not like strangers in my yard. Sometimes I bark at them so they know not to mess with me but I'm very sweet and would never actually hurt them! My least favorite thing is when it storms. When there's bad weather I stay up and worry all night. But the next day I take a nap and I am fine! No matter what I always am smiling! I'm a very happy dog and can cheer anyone up with my smile!

Star Pet for June 2016

Meet Sadie, Sara, Cinnamon, Zepp, and Henry. This pack of Dogs and Cats are in some way all second-chance family members. Sadie is a Black Golden Retriever, her mother being a pure Golden, and her sire being a black Labrador. She was supposed to be a pure-bred Golden Retriever, so she was given away by the breeder -- we got her before she went to the pound. Sadie is an amazing Dog in many ways, so intelligent, emotional, and perceptive -- a real soulmate. She is now 12 years and 3 months old. Sadie is a lover all the time. In her old age, she loves to just show us she's happy -- and she's happy when she's with us, especially while walking, riding in the truck, or watching TV. Even though she needs some help now, she still takes care of us. Dog people know what that means Sara is all black Labrador. She was dumped out in the county at about 1 year of age, suffering from double ear infections. Taking her in, we found her to be a real comedian, a life-of-the-party type....and she is glued to her people. She's also a professional beggar, as you can see here. She is now 9 years and 4 months old. Sara has taken it upon herself to police the Cats. Whenever the Cats get out of line (like fighting or howling while we're sleeping), she barks at them --barks right into their faces-- to get them to stop. That's always great at 4 AM! Cinnamon the Cat was either feral or a dumpee, who we found as a 5-week-old kitten in our creek. His blonde colors helped us find him and rescue him. He quickly became our little buddy. He will be 20 years old this October. Cinnamon loves everybody, and likes to sleep with the Dogs. Zepp was adopted from the old shelter as a 5-month-old, and became a comical house dweller who refused to go outdoors. Being a tortoise-shell-colored kitty, she has the tufted lynx ears. She will be 14 years old next month. Zepp likes to be above everything, perching on furniture, refrigerators, or cabinets. She looks at us upside-down from there, like we look better that way. Henry is 1 year and 7 months old. He was supposed to be the neighbors' barn cat, but he wanted more: He made friends with our Dogs, and dropped-in to the pack, going on our Dog walks with us. This last fall, he showed-up at our back door, suffering from injuries he got fighting some animal in the creek. We took him in and nursed him back to health, and now he is our new house buddy. Henry is a real cuddler and comedian. Like black Dogs, black Cats are the best! Sampson (The Rescued Retriever) 2003--2016 (12 & 1/2 years.) Sampson was found as a sick, starving stray, at one year of age. We took him in and got all his health issues healed. We gave him a family and home. He spent the rest of his life healing our souls, and gave us constant gratitude and love. Sampson was the BEST Dog ever...

Star Pet for May 2016

This is Chip and Dale. They are yorkie-poodles and are almost 9 years old. We adopted them from the Humane Society when they were 3. They are brothers and are always together. They love to sleep in the sun and will drag their pillows around to be in the light. They will even climb the stairs to follow a patch of sunlight as it moves throughout the day. Dale often shadows us when we walk around the house but will jump into your lap or lay down on your feet as soon as you sit down. Chip prefers to climb onto the back of the couch and curl up behind your head. When he falls asleep, he snores louder than a dog 10 times his size.

Star Pet for April 2016

Snoopy is about 8-1/2 years old. We got her about 5-1/2 years ago from some friends who originally adopted her from the Humane Society. She is a mix of basset hound & beagle (maybe 50/50?). She is the Alpha dog who always wants to be the one in charge. If she thinks that she is not getting enough attention, she will frequently sit up and move her front paws in a circular fashion that we refer to as "perking".

Albert is a beagle & is about 12-1/2 years old. We adopted him from the Humane Society a little over 2 years ago. While Albert is blind, he has adapted very well to his surroundings and enjoys exploring our backyard and especially likes to go for a ride (anywhere) in the car.

We got Lady & Dakota just before Easter from a family that had some health issues and realized they could no longer give the dogs the attention they needed due to their having to deal with health related matters. Both are beagles, Lady is about 10 years old and Dakota is about 11 years old.

All of the dogs like to spend time in the backyard and since we live very near the country, we frequently have rabbits, squirrels, and even possums that make their way into our backyard. While there have been some close calls, so far none of the dogs have been able to actually capture any of these wild intruders.

While we often refer to our house as a "Senior Citizen Home for Dogs" we really enjoy their company and feel that we get a lot of love from their being a part of our family.

Best Regards,
Fred, Ann, Snoopy, Albert, Lady, & Dakota

Star Pet for March 2016

This is Freya(the one on the left) and Wednesday(on the right). They are both American Bulldogs and are biological sisters. They will be 2 years old this summer. Even though they are sisters their personalities are very different. Freya is very hyperactive and loves to play. One of her favorite things is playing tug of war she likes to lay over and be dragged along the floor. Wednesday is very laid back and shy. Her favorite activity is laying on the couch and cuddling with her family. We had quite the time with them recently when Wednesday needed ACL surgery. Apparently Freya got jealous of her sister and decided she needed surgery too when she had to have a bunch of strings removed from her stomach the same week!!! Bogue Animal Hospital took great care of them and we wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you.

Star Pet for February 2016

Hello, my name is Ralph, and this is my "little" brother George. I'm the handsome one on the right! We are almost 16 years old and have been going to Bogue since we were kittens. The great people at Bogue have taken very good care of us, especially with my diabetes (...although secretly we don't really like to go to the doctor!) We are usually good cats, but we definitely have our moments. I have gotten the nickname "Eeyore" because I am very laid back and calm, and even a little slow. I enjoy laying on the heater vents and getting blow dried for the warm air. George is much more skittish, and gets warm under any blenket he can find! I am very good with children, especially my two favorites, 5 year old Liam and 7 year old Ella. I let them pet me, give me kisses, and even sing "Soft Kitty" to me. It's hard work, but somekitty has to do it! George is not quite as social, but he's still pretty lovable. We're both helpful around the house, spreading plenty of cat hair on laps, blocking the computer screen, and sitting on wrapping paper. I would like to thank all the people who selected me for this major award, but I really need another nap right now!

Star Pet for January 2016

Hi, this is Frankie 'da Pug'. He'll also answer to "Frankie Doodle". Frankie is 7 months old and is still a very playful pup. He is a loyal, loving Pug and provides countless hours of companionship and entertainment for us. He has the typical assortment of toys to fetch and cuddle with, but Frankie's favorite 'toy' may actually be leaves falling from trees. He considers each one a true treasure and tries to bring them back into the house.

He loves children and other dogs and expresses his happiness with "woo, woo, woo". He enjoys his daily face wash, teeth brushing and periodic baths. He understands some basic commands, especially when a treat is in the offering. Frankie is somewhat of a camera ham and will wear formal and informal clothes to strike a pose and even sits to watch videos we take of him playing.

Frankie gets excited when asked if he'd like to go for a ride or a walk. He anxiously goes to the front door of Bogue's to visit with the staff that gives him so much attention. We have been with Bogue Animal Hospital for 20 plus years. Pugs are a new breed for our family and we so appreciate the care and advice provided by Dr. Streiff and the entire staff.

Frankie and our family want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year.

Star Pet for December 2015

Hi everyone I'm Eli, just your typical almost 2 year old Chocolate Lab. I love everyone and love to swim, play, take long walks with mom and eat. I also never bark so I guess that makes me a little unique. Anyway I have a story to tell today. The week of Thanksgiving for some reason I wasn't feeling very good and since mom is a worrier she called and got me in to see Dr. Streiff right away. Well mom and Dr. did a lot of talking about my stomach and decided I needed an x-ray (what ever that is). Well once that was done Dr. Streiff showed mom the picture and all I know is they kept talking about a large rock I had eaten. Well I wasn't sure what the big deal was since I have eaten a lot of rocks in the past but I guess this was a really big one. Anyway I had to stay with Dr. Streiff and the next day I had surgery since the rock was not going anywhere. I didn't get to spend Thanksgiving day with the family but Dr. Streiff and several really nice ladies came in to check on me and make sure I was still behaving myself. That was a few weeks ago and I'm back to my old self but all the rocks in the back yard are gone now so guess I will need to find other things to keep me busy. Mom says we are going to have a fantastic Christmas this year thanks to Dr. Streiff, Dr. Bogue and all the amazing ladies that work there. I bet Santa brings me something really neat this year. You guys are amazing and we are so blessed to know each of you.

Star Pet for August 2015

Hi! My name is Sam Hill (yes, I have heard all of the jokes!). I am a thirteen year old bichon mix. Look pretty good for my age, don't I? My life is easy now that I have retired from active duty with the Navy Seals... Ok, that's not true....my life is no easier! Now I have a new puppy to train ( Lily). I spend a lot of time teaching her how to be a good dog. I live with my people Wayne and Deborah.

Star Pets for July 2015

This is Chloe and Barkley. While Chloe loves lounging around the house, Barkley is in heaven when he’s chasing a ball in the yard. Chloe is a real princess and expects to not have to endure too much physical activity. She hates baths too, and will let you know it by scratching her paws on the carpet like a stampeding bull.

Star Pet for June 2015

Jet and Piper’s favorite thing to do is to watch out the window to make sure no one is on their sidewalk, or a rabbit close by. Everything they do they do together. Coming from a aviation family is where they got their names. I love how when we leave them for the weekend at the Bogue house they are so calm and everyone treats them like royalty. They are so fun to have around, greeted at the door is the best!

Star Pets for May 2015

Percy is a Ring-tailed cat which means he wears his very long tail curled up like a pug. The neighborhood kids call him "Catzilla". He is an indoor/outdoor cat. A great hunter of Voles. Which he likes to bring home to me. Occasionally they are still alive and he lets them go in my house and I find them dead sometime later. He also likes to lay on my lap and get his head scratched. He weighs in at around 15 lbs and rules the roost over Cooper and Emma. He likes to give them head butts when he comes in from outdoors. He has no patience for them growling at him over a raw hide, which he isn't interested in to begin with and will let them know by a good whack upside the head. Percy likes to sleep across the foot of my bed which make it difficult for me to find a place for my feet. Percy was born 5/12/08.

Cooper is my protector and constant companion, meaning he is always under my feet and does not like anyone else to come to the house. He loves to bark just for the sake of barking. He hits the door barking when I let him out so he must wear a bark collar while outside otherwise my neighbors would complain. He will eat his food and his sister Emma's food and Percy's food and still be looking for more. He is never full. To those he likes he is a very sweet dog and loves to be petted. His biggest fault is peeing in the house.

Emma is the complete opposite of her brother. She thinks every one comes to see her and loves all, except the big dogs behind and beside us. Though she has never seen them she considers them the enemy. She must be coaxed to eat. Always waits until her brother is finished then dares him to eat her food which he regularly does if get I sidetracked. She loves to explore everything outdoors but her favorite pass time is patrolling around the pond and through the attached stream looking for frogs. To my knowledge she has never caught one but it's not for trying. Her favorite pass time in the house is to groom her brothers ears, gross. She is happiest while someone is scratch her on the side of her neck.

Cooper and Emma were born 12/28/03.

Star Pet for March 2015

I’m Cosmo! I am incredibly sweet and very trusting. Dr. Albertson and mommy have kept me going despite being almost 17 and having diabetes. Although I don’t always understand what they are doing with the needles, insulin and weekly fluids, I know it’s for the best and I let them do whatever they need to without complaining. I like to spend my day laying on the electric blanket, as it’s really soft and toasty warm. At night when mom is done with her day I like to play in her hair and purr. I am so grateful for everything the staff at Bogue Animal Hospital has done for mommy, and me, as they are always very helpful when she calls or emails.

Star Pet for March 2015

I’m Taz! I’m almost 15. Mom and dad like to call me the spotted-belly tiger, although I am more like the cowardly lion. I love watching the squirrels play in the trees outside but am scared to actually go out there. I am the protector of mom, as I sleep by her side at night. I don’t like her holding me though, as it makes me nervous. I am so grateful for everything the staff at Bogue Animal Hospital has done for mommy, and me, as they are always very helpful when she calls or emails.

Star Pet for February 2015

Hello--My name is Princess Grace, but I go by Gracie. I am a five year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am very loyal and devoted to my family. My mom says I'm very smart because I know many tricks. My best trick is to ring a bell on the back door when I want to go outside. You should see how my mom runs when she hears that bell ringing. I sometimes ring the bell just to get attention! I don't like rain, but I love to romp in the snow. When my water crock is empty, I like to tip it on edge and roll it around on the tile floor making lots of noise. When I do tricks, my family gives me a Honey Nut Cheerio as my reward. Yummers, I do love that special treat! I also love cheese and can't wait until my mom gives me my Trifexis pill wrapped in yummy cheese! My mom and dad love to watch the Shockers play basketball. I watch the game with them, but I must admit they get a little loud for me. I love going for my spa day with Miss Jeannine and staff. They make me look like the princess I think I am! Four paws for the Bogue Animal Hospital and staff!

Star Pet for January 2015

Hi, we are tickled pink to be chosen as the Doghouse "4 Paws" celebrities to ring in the New Year!

Let me introduce ourselves. I'm the little one. My name is Hannah aka "Hannah Banana Rosanne Dannah". I'm 10 years old and I'm the little one setting on the right. My brother Titan is 7 years old and bigger. He's "Mr. Entertainer" while I'm more reserved and cautious. My mom and dad say once I warm up to you, watch out! Our life's were pretty miserable till we were adopted! Boy did we hit the jackpot! Some would even go as far to say we're spoiled!

My brother and I love to wrestle, eat, sleep, chase squirrels that invade our yard, and take long walks with our humans. Mom has to make sure she keeps her purse closed because my brother likes to get her Kleenex and tear them up. Me, I'm perfect!

In the last several months I've developed some heart trouble. I'm under the care of Dr. Bogue. My brother and I think he's top notch! We've even stayed at their B&B when mom and dad went to Hawaii this year!

If you ever need a referral as to the best veterinarian in our books, my brother and I give Dr. Bogue and his staff "5 Paws"!

In closing we want to take this opportunity to tell all our furry friends and all the fine staff at Bogue Animal Hospital, Happy New Year! My brother and I wish everyone the best in 2015!

Star Pet for December 2014

The Blaha Kids

Sammy is a 12 year old male Cocker. We got him when he was 6 months old living in Iowa. The neighbors didn’t want him so we brought him into our home. Couldn’t stand the thought of him going to a shelter.
Lizzy is a 12 year old female Cocker. We saved her from a puppy mill in Iowa about 10 years ago. We wanted a companion for Sammy. (Not to raise puppies!) After spending a lot of money to fix the abuse she had been through at the puppy mill, she turned into a wonderful, loving little girl and receives the love and care she so deserves.
Haley is an 11 year old female yappy Miniature Poodle. She came into our family after my mother passed away 3 years ago. I couldn’t bear letting someone else have her so I brought her home with me from Illinois.
Petey is a 6 year old male Lab. We adopted Petey from the Rescue League in May 2014. He is a wonderful addition to our family and very tolerant of the Poodle.

All Blaha kids are indoor family members who are worshiped by Ron and I. Cathy Blaha

Star Pet for September 2014

Taz & Zo are Australian sheepdog & standard poodle mix who just turned two years old. They love people (especially their friends at Bogue), playing chase & stealing with each other's toys. Zo we have dubbed "ninja kisser," as her greatest pleasure is stealing kisses from unsuspecting visitors. Taz does his best to keep Zo in line, by pushing her away before the love attack begins. Taz too will keep you on your toes by helping himself to whatever alluring food may be placed in his general direction, Food placed high, seemingly out-of-reach, aren't a problem for this big boy; although, he prefers to lay down to eat his regular meals. Together our precious pups have brought our family & friends much joy.

Star Pet for August 2014

Zena and Ming
Ming (aka Mean) enjoys luring visitors close with her cuteness, impressing them with her little dog "circus tricks," and then surprising them with a quick ankle bite!

Don't let that innocent smile fool you... Zena is the notorious bread bandit! She loves to use her Labrador nose to "periscope" goodies on the cabinet... and then help herself late at night to snacks like a full loaf of bread or new pkg of hot dog buns...

Star Pet for July 2014

Rubie Tuesday and Abbie Road
14 and 12 years
Patient Since:

These are the Swain girls. In the pink is Rubie Tuesday, 14 years old, and she is very loving. Abbie Road, 12 years old, is up front, loves to talk and can say “mama.” Then there is Jessie; her name came from the Toy Story movie, and is named after the cowgirl Jessie. She is lots of fun! They all love music and riding in the car.

Star Pet for June 2014

Maggie and Mollie
Dachshunds – 11 years
Patient Since:

Hi, we are the Kassner doxies, Maggie (left) & Mollie. We are eleven year old sisters who were born in Howard, Kansas. Our mom and dad drove to Howard with good intentions of adopting one doxie but once they set eyes on both of us, they could not resist and ended up adopting both of us. We are definitely daddy’s girls and do not leave his sight. Our favorite pastime is to ride in the pickup or lay in the recliner and watch television. We love fleece blankets, toys and especially treats but we do not like to share. We are very vocal (especially Mollie) and we will let the neighborhood know when there is a leaf blowing a block away. Dr. Bogue put us on a diet one year ago (too many treats from dad) and we are doing very well. We go visit the clinic every three weeks to get weighed and to show off our girly figures. Dr. Bogue and the girls take excellent care of us and we also look forward to seeing the Bogue poodles.

Star Pet for April 2014

Labrador Retriever – 12 years
Patient Since: 2004

Sarah loves to “patrol” the farm, take long investigative walks to the mailbox, attempt to corral the farm kitties (a full time job), take stretched out naps in the sun and visit her extended family at the Bogue “spa.”

Star Pet for March 2014

Watson and Winnie
Labrador Retriever – 1 ½ years and 2 ½ years
Patient Since:

Hi, I’m Winnie and my brother is Watson. I’m the pretty one, and he’s the chocolate one. He’s a year older than I am. We aren’t really brother and sister, but we did come from the same breeder, so close enough. We’re both still pretty young, only one and a half, and two and a half, so we still have lots and lots of energy. We love our yard and spend lots of time outside chasing squirrels and bunnies. Well, I chase them, Watson chases me. But we have lots of fun. I’d live outside if mom would let me, but she really spoils us and “makes” me come in. We do love the couch and the bed though, so coming in is always a good thing. And the treats live in the house too so they’re a bonus. We love to go on long walks in the park or around the neighborhood. Riding in the truck is so fun, sometimes we ride around with mom all day. We have our very own truck blanket for the back seat, to catch all our hair. We have a lot of that! We’ve both been to obedience school and loved every minute. I mind better than Watson, he just tries to get away with more. Mom doesn’t let us get away with much at home, but the girls here with Dr. Bogue, are much more lenient. We love to come to “camp” here when mom and dad are gone. It’s just the best place. Dr. Bogue and the girls keep us healthy and oh so happy. If you don’t have a good doctor, you should tell your mom and dad to bring you here. It’s the best! Now I’m off to play again, Winnie Girl.

Star Pet for February 2014

West Highland Terrier – 9 years
Patient Since: 2011

Hello my name is Jasmine, but I go by Jazzy. I am a 9 year old West Highland Terrier. When not sleeping I love to chase soccer balls, ride in my John Deer Gator (my little car as I know it) and watch TV. I especially love animal shows and dog commercials, which really get me barking. Dr. Bogue is my life savior! He and K-State helped discover I have a rare congenital defect. Another time, I somehow swallowed plastic with batting from my 4 legged friend Freckle’s dog toy. Needless to say, I was a very sick girl and thanks AGAIN to the Doc for figuring it all out. During my stays, the entire staff was SO nice to me, especially Sabrina. She was there for me after my surgery when my mommy couldn’t be. I look forward to visiting twice a year for my wellness visits, teeth cleanings and blood chemistry work. I give a big BARK out and 4 Paws up to Bogue Animal Hospital!

Star Pet for January 2014

Juno and Tedi
Mastiff and Golden Retriever – 5 years and 11 years
Patient Since: 2004

Hi, we’re the Graves girls. I’m the pretty golden retriever trying to get my tennis ball back from my younger sister Juno, the mastiff. She can actually get 2 of those balls in her mouth at the same time. I am still working on that trick. I am the greeter & Juno just sits back and barks. Silly girl, but at least no stranger will come in after they see her. She always has to be near our mom. One day, mom left her outdoors and locked the screen door, then 5 minutes later Juno was back inside right beside her. She had taken the screen door completely off. Mom never made that mistake again!!

I love laying in the snow and chasing balls, up until 3 years ago when I tore my knee up and had to have surgery. It hurt, but Dr. Bogue and his wonderful staff made me better and Sabrina even decorated my cast with “I Love My Mom” on it. We both also love seeing the girls up front and we get to see Jeannine, the groomer, every 6 weeks. Juno only gets to go in the summer because she’s too big to get in her tub. Guess who smells better!! Happy New Year to you all.

Star Pet for December 2013

Yorkshire Terrier – 10 years
Patient Since: 2004

Bandit’s most loving characteristic is how he greats us with his contagious “smile” at the door. He enjoys going on walks, chasing around our chickens, and sitting patiently underneath the dinner table. Bandit doesn’t know a stranger and is loved by all. He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Star Pet for November 2013

Cocker Spaniel – 7 years
Patient Since: 2008

Hi, my name is Rocky. I am a very lucky dog because I was adopted from the animal shelter. I am about 7 years old and full of energy. I love to chase balls, rabbits, and squirrels in my backyard. I have to have my special blanket at night to sleep. During the day my blanket helps me cope with my other roommate, a very bossy cat.

Star Pet for October 2013

Great Pyrenees – 6 years
Patient Since: 2007

Nadia was rescued just east of Tonkawa, OK by a shelter and was adopted by the Schuman family when she was only a few weeks old. She loves to take long walks with the family around the block or even after a short ride in the car. Nadia gets along with anyone on four legs but prefers to stick with the ones on two legs. Nadia loves to baby SIT the newest addition to our family, Azlan. She is very protective and likes to guard the house while dad is away with the military. She just LOVES to have spa day at the Bogue Animal Hospital every two weeks and considers them her extended family.

Star Pet for August 2013

Madison and Reagan
Miniature Schnauzer – 8 years and 7 years
Patient Since: 2005

We are Reagan and Madison. We love playing ball with our papa, munching on bow-bow treats and barking at animals and cartoon characters on TV. We sleep most of the day when our papa is at work but won’t let him out of our sight when he is home. We also love visiting Dr. Bogue’s office and make sure we announce our visit when we come and go.

Star Pet for June 2013

Mike’s Ink Spot
Custom Drawings of Your Pet

This month the clinic decided to do something different for pet of the month. We would like to feature Mike Walker, a client of ours that does custom drawings of pets. One of his drawings is featured in the photo. He specializes in custom illustrations for business or personal use. All illustrations are drawn for high quality reproduction. You can visit his website at http://www.mikesinkspot.com and if you see any illustrations that you would like to purchase a copy of, please send an email with your request. He is also available to discuss a personal drawing of your pet as well.

Star Pet for May 2013

Max, Tessa, Sea Biscuit, and Onyx
Dachshund – 8 years

Max is father to Tessa, Sea Biscuit, Onyx and also Mia, Dash, and Sammy who live with their mother Sophia. One of Max’s favorite activities is playing soccer ball. Onyx likes toys, especially Santa Claus toys. Sea biscuit loves to play soccer ball with his Dad and Tessa likes socks, really likes socks. They all love playing together with the whole family and they are great at snuggling. They are also very loyal and devoted.

Star Pet for April 2013

Labrador retriever – 19 months
Patient Since: 2012

Chance was a stray that hung around the fire station. Her dad brought her home August 2012, skin and bones and very skittish. Now she is almost 50 lbs and loves to play and cuddle. She loves to steal her dad’s socks!

Star Pet for March 2013

Sphynx – 17 months
Patient Since: 2012

Meisje arrived at Bogue Animal Hospital the day after our arrival in Wichita, when she was just a tiny kitten in January of 2012. I knew very little about raising a kitten, and we returned to our new home armed with pamphlets and advice and directions on kitten proofing. This past October, I brought her in to get looked at for a tiny cut on her foot; she had ruptured her Achilles tendon and emergency surgery was required. Dr. Albertson stayed calm through our panic and gave us solid advice. The wonderful staff took my panicked calls when I couldn’t decide if incident of the day was severe enough to leave work and bring her in, or if it could wait a few hours.

Bogue Animal Hospitals’ quick response to symptoms and accurate diagnosis and recommendations allowed us to provide her with the best care: almost no scarring on 7 inches of incisions and an external fixator. She participated in the February 2013 CFA show here in Wichita and won Second Best Premier All Breed just a month after she finished crate rest!


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