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Pet Dental Care in Wichita

"Thank you for the great care you always give my dogs! You guys are the absolute best! "
Gwen C.

We're AAHA

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

Dental health is often overlooked by pet parents, but it’s actually very critical to the overall health of pets. Bogue Animal Hospital takes a proactive approach when it comes to dental health, and we want to not just treat dental problems; we want to prevent them. Bad breath is usually what tips the scale and drives pet owners to schedule their pets’ dental visits, but we encourage you to not wait until then. The reason is that bad breath is often an indicator of a more serious problem, such as gum disease and systemic infection. More than 50% of all dogs and cats have some form of gum disease by the age of 3. The good news is, with regular professional dental care and at-home care, you can lower or even eliminate the risk.

About Our Dental Services

Our pet dental services are designed to prevent and treat oral problems, and as with every other service we offer, we make our patients safety a #1 priority. As an AAHA-accredited practice, we meet the highest possible standards with our dental services and protocols, including anesthesia. We perform all dental procedure under anesthesia for your pet’s protection. We also strive to educate pet owners on the importance of oral health, including demonstrations of brushing teeth. Our dental services include:

  • Regular prophylactic (preventive) cleaning procedures
  • General oral healthcare products
  • Diet counseling
  • Digital radiography
  • Other procedures, based on need (extractions, gingival flap surgeries, etc.)

Having a preventive dental plan is the best way to prevent oral problems for your pet. Our veterinarians will always confer with you regarding your pet’s dental health need, and provide an estimate before scheduling any procedure.

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