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"You are all so friendly, caring and devoted to both Chloe and me."
Debbie & Dale A.

AAHA Approved Veterinarians

New Patients

Welcome new clients and patients of Bogue Animal Hospital! We are committed to making your transition as smooth and pleasant as possible. Each of our clients and patients are important to us and our veterinary team takes the time to get to know each of you on an individual level. We encourage you to use this page as your resource for getting started. If you have questions, we would love to talk with you! Contact us to schedule your pet’s first visit, or drop by for a tour of our facilities.

What You Need to Know About Your First Visit

Before your first visit, we recommend a little preparation so that we can get to know you and your pet. Please allow at least 40 minutes for your first visit so that we may be able to learn about your pet’s history, perform necessary exams and tests, and discuss our findings with you. We encourage you to prepare the following items for us before you arrive:

  • Veterinary Records. We will need your pet’s veterinary records to help us determine your pet’s needs. For your convenience, we can request this history for you. Please provide us with the contact information for your former veterinarian in advance of your visit so that we can have this information before you and your pet come in.
  • New Client Form. If you are requesting your first appointment online and you are not currently an established client, please complete the New Client Form. We will get your account set up and contact you via your preferred communication method to make your first appointment. If you contact us by phone, there is no need to fill out this form. We will collect all necessary information during the call.
  • Medicines, Supplements, Vitamins, Etc. Please bring with you any of the medicines, vitamins, and supplements you give your pet.
  • Your Pet’s Food. Bring a bag of your pet’s food with you or write the name down to provide to us.
  • Fresh Stool Sample. Bring a small, 2” piece of fresh stool. Cat litter on the stool is not a problem. If this is not possible, we can obtain our own sample from your pet.
  • Urine Sample If Needed. This is only needed if you have concerns about inappropriate urination, bloody urine, or strong smelling urine. The sample needs to be as fresh as possible and the container used for collection does not need to be sterile. If this is not possible, we can usually obtain a sample at the office.
  • Questions for Us. Veterinary care at Bogue Animal Hospital is never one-way. We know that you are your pet’s closest companion. We need your feedback about your pet’s behavior when treating your pet. We recommend that you write down your questions and concerns so that we can make sure we don’t miss anything when we talk.

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