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Dog Ear Cropping

Dr. Bogue has specialized in performing ear crops by hand and has become very skilled and experienced in handling each of these procedures on an individual basis. If you have a specific shape and style that you are hoping to achieve, we encourage you to bring photos for reference. We know how important your pet’s look is and we will do our very best to accommodate exactly what you might be looking for! We look forward to discussing your options with you.

Things You Need to Know About Ear Cropping Your Dog

Before we schedule an ear cropping procedure, we do require a physical exam, a full vaccination history, and pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure. For Great Danes, we require an ECG before the procedure to ensure their heart health.

Most ear crop surgeries are performed in the morning, requiring a 7:30 or 8:00am drop-off. This allows your pet to have some time in recovery before they go home later that day. There are specific age recommendations based on your pet’s breed. In our pre-surgical consultation, we will discuss all of your questions and concerns about your pet’s procedure, as well as specific recommendations for them based on their health and their breed.

Are you interested in scheduling a consultation for an ear crop? We would love to meet with you! Contact us to get started.

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