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Pet X-Rays in Wichita

Additional Veterinary Services

Pet Diagnostics

Diagnostics are a very important part of complete veterinary care. We provide a variety of excellent diagnostic services to help us identify health concerns in your pet, ensuring that we are providing efficient and effective treatment.

We utilize digital radiography and ultrasound technology to perform internal imaging on your pet as needed. This enables us to visualize any internal masses or obstructions. With our ultrasound unit, we can also detect pregnancy by producing a 3D image in real time. It can also be used as a guide during surgical biopsies.

We also send out our blood work and diagnostic testing to local or national labs. These labs generally return results to us very quickly, allowing us to make efficient diagnoses.


For your convenience, we have an in-house pharmacy at Bogue Animal Hospital, as well as an online store. We carry most common prescription medicines right in our hospital so that your pet can begin treatment for conditions immediately. We also carry a variety of prescription diets based on your pet’s individual needs. We would love to talk to you about some of the great prescription diets we have available, including the successful Metabolic Diet for weight management.

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